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About Us

About Us

DROBGEN – Unravel the secret of traditional, Kashubian taste.

We live in times when we talk a lot about increasing environmental contamination. Groceries that we purchase every day contain large quantities of food preservatives, colorants and other supplements. For the care of our customer’s health, we have decided to change it!

So, if you are seeking healthy, organic, based on traditional formulas poultry products, our offer is ideal for You.

Our company was founded in ecologically clean region of Kashubia in Tuchlino, Sierakowice commune. At the beginning of 2000, we introduced owner supervision based on GMP and GHP principles and the HACCP system. Then we were certified to integrated ISO 9001:2001 and HACCP system by Polish Centre for Testing and Certification in Warsaw (in 2003). Many months before Poland joined the EU, we had already been granted export certificate to all EU member states. Modern technological solutions allow us to produce high quality and healthy meat and poultry products.

Before starting processing production we made a decisive move to focus on producing only poultry-based products (without using any other meat or pork fat).

As a rapidly expanding company keeping pace with market trends and customers demand, we provide 100% poultry products based on our own formulas and only natural seasoning. We specialise in the production of high quality cooking meats, half-finished 100% poultry products (rolled or minced), ready-to-use stuffing for producing half-finished poultry products (de volaille steaks, kashubian chops, swiss chops, royal chops, burgers, homemade meatballs).

Many years tradition and a wealth of experience, proven and unfailing formulas as well as traditional production methods guarantee high quality an unforgettable taste of our products.

Unravel the taste of Kashubian tradition and eat healthily!